Our house rules / regulations

• Opening times Reception (April 1 to October 1) from 08:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. (October 1 to April 1) from 09:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Outside opening hours, only call in emergencies to number: 00351 965755341
• Check out before 11:00 am on the day of departure. If you want to check out later, there are costs involved
• Please pay in cash on departure the day before during opening hours of the reception
• You are legally obliged to provide the personal details of all persons staying overnight when reported to reception. You are also obliged to inform us of the guests who occasionally spend the night. For this, you need to present a valid passport or valid identity card
• The costs for overnight stays are € 5 per person per night. You are obliged to notify Quinta do Pomarinho of this in advance if the guests are staying overnight so that the overnight stays of the guests can be recorded in the campsite register.
• All instructions from the camp management must be followed immediately
• In connection with COVID-19 you are obliged to comply with the (safety) rules set by the Portuguese government. We implement the “Clean and Safe” protocol on our Quinta
• If you or a member of your family violates the house rules of Quinta do Pomarinho to a serious degree, or if you do not immediately follow the instructions of the camp management, develop atmospheric activities, or cause deliberate destruction, not only you or this family member, but whole family immediately removed from the campsite
• Swimming pool: open from May 1 to October 1 from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (no diving and compulsory shower before entering the pool!) The swimming pool is only open to paying guests and their family members. Swimming in the pool and pond is entirely at your own risk. Quinta do Pomarinho does not employ a lifeguard due to the shallow depth of the pool. Quinta do Pomarinho accepts no liability whatsoever with regard to the use of the swimming pool and the pond. The text on the information sign at the swimming pool must be followed
• For motorized traffic, a maximum speed of 10 km per hour applies at Quinta do Pomarinho
• Do not park your car at the pitch on the camping site but at the front of the site in the parking lot (except for guests with a tent, pitch holders and winter visitors)
• Parking the car is at your own risk. Quinta do Pomarinho does not accept any liability in this respect.
• Anyone who stays at Quinta do Pomarinho for a short or longer period of time must ensure that his / her (mobile) caravan, camper, tent, pitch and other appurtenances are in a reasonable state of repair, at the discretion of the camp management.
• Separate paper, glass and plastic and deposit it yourself at the “eco collection point” next to the parking lot at the front of the site
• Deposit other waste yourself in green waste containers at the “eco collection point” next to the parking lot at the front of the site
• Only use the waste bin at the washing facility for small amounts of waste
• Pets are allowed (for a fee) on the condition that the pet does not cause any nuisance to other guests. All pets (including cats) must be on a leash when they are on the grounds of Quinta do Pomarinho. The guest is obliged to remove the pet’s excrement (scoop and plastic bag are mandatory when walking). Certain dog breeds (see reception list) are required to wear a muzzle. It is not allowed to bring your pet and/or to wash it in the sanitary room of the campsite                                                                                                                                                                                                  • Discharge dirty water and / or chemical toilet at the masonry well on the site
• Drinking water comes from all taps in the shower / toilet building. Be economical with the use of drinking water
• It is not allowed to flush toilet paper, or any other objects, through the toilets in the sanitary areas.
• You may only connect your camping equipment to approved (Portuguese) gas bottles and electricity cables
• If you want to use our electricity, we will charge you for this
• It is not possible to charge your phone, laptop, etc. in the public areas of Quinta do Pomarinho
• Use washing machine for your laundry and not for the washing of your (pets) animals! Maximum fill weight is 6 kilos. Costs € 4, -. We request that you only use ECO detergents!
• A tumble dryer is available for your laundry upon request. Maximum fill weight is 6 kilos. Costs € 4, –
• Wash small quantities of hand wash (delicate wash) only in the washbasin directly next to the washing machine and not in the washbasins for washing dishes.
• Pay cash for the drinks you want to consume from the “shop” in the reception or, for longer stays, mention your name after your name on the form on the notice board.
• (Regional) products that you want to buy in the “shop” in the reception (for example cheese, honey, tea, herbs, compote, jam, limoncello, etc.) pay personally at the owners of Quinta do Pomarinho
• Quinta do Pomarinho does not provide alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 18. You must be able to identify yourself at the request of Quinta do Pomarinho. In case of violation, the drink is confiscated and access to “A Taberna” is denied. Public intoxication at Quinta do Pomarinho is prohibited. Furthermore, it is forbidden to take a seat behind the bar in the meeting room “A Taberna”, to enter “A Taberna” with swimwear and to consume your own food and drink in “A Taberna” without the consent of Quinta do Pomarinho. This also applies to outdoor activities organized by Quinta do Pomarinho. Pets are only exceptionally allowed in “A Taberna”. This in consultation with the camp management. Smoking is not allowed in “A Taberna”.
• You and your family members are not allowed to enter the non-public areas of the campsite without the consent of Quinta do Pomarinho.
• If you want to use (garden) tools and the like from Quinta do Pomarinho, you should always ask the camp management first.
• It is forbidden to cause noise nuisance in any form. In the evening at 10 p.m. the night’s rest starts, which lasts until 8 a.m. During this period, any form of noise is prohibited. An exception is made for special, announced party evenings.• Barbecuing is only allowed with the permission of the owners of the campsite and then only at the designated place (s).• Open fires, such as fire pits, wood stoves, etc., are only permitted if expressly authorized by the campsite owners.
• If and insofar as you or your family member, guest or visitor violates these regulations to a serious degree, negatively influences the atmosphere at Quinta do Pomarinho or deliberately causes destruction, you and any family members, guests and visitors of Quinta do Pomarinho will become deleted.
• Quinta do Pomarinho accepts no liability for damage suffered by you, your family members and / or your guests for whatever reason. You, your family members and / or your guests enter the grounds of Quinta do Pomarinho at your own risk. The use of the available facilities and participation in activities organized by Quinta do Pomarinho is also at your own risk, your family members and / or any guests. Quinta do Pomarinho does not accept any liability for consequential damage and loss of income.
• You are deemed to be aware of the content of these regulations. You are responsible for ensuring that your family members, guests and visitors are aware of the content of the regulations and that they comply with them. Quinta do Pomarinho cannot be invoked against unfamiliarity with the content of the regulations. If there are any disputes that are not covered by these regulations, the management of Quinta do Pomarinho will decide.

Our address and payment details

Quinta do Pomarinho

property owners (Proprietários)

Robert Uitman & Joop Jan Vos

address (Endereço)

Camping Quinta do Pomarinho
EN 246 km 16,5 Castelo de Vide – Portalegre
7320-421 Castelo de Vide

mailbox (Apartado) 

Quinta da Fonte de Agua Campismo Rural Lda

Apartado 8

EC Castelo de Vide

7320-421 Castelo de Vide



N 39° 23’ 53” W 7° 29’ 14”



Telephone number

00351 965 755 341

Bank account number (Número da conta bancária)

PT 50 0045 6436 4029 8437 567 21 in the name of QTA Fonte Agua LDA

VAT number (Número Identificação Fiscal (NIF))


Complaints Book

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