House rules & Payment details

Our house rules    

  • Reception: Open from 08:00 am to 13:00 am and from 15:00 am to 20:00. Outside opening hours only in case of emergency call number: 00351 965755341
  • On the day of departure check out before 11:00 hours am.
  • Please pay cash on departure the day before during the opening hours of the reception.
  • Cooling bath: Open from 1 May to 1 October from 09:00 am to 19:00 am (no diving!)
  • Car: not parking at the pitch at camping but in front of the terrain in the parking lot (only guests with a tent excepted)
  • Separate paper, glass and plastic and deposit it yourself at the “eco collection point” next to the parking area in front of the camping site
  • Dispose of other waste yourself in green waste containers at the “eco collection point” next to the parking area in front of the camping site
  • We feed our animals ourselves. Please do not feed
  • Dogs on a lead at all times. Walking the dog outside the Quinta do Pomarinho site. Clean up any feces on the site yourself
  • Wastewater and/or chemical toilet discharge at masonry pit on site
  • From all the taps of the shower/toilet building comes approved drinking water. Be frugal with the use of drinking water
  • Use washing machine for your laundry. The maximum fill weight is 6 kilos. Costs €4,-
  • Small quantities of hand washing (delicate wax) laundry in washbasin directly next to the washing machine and not in the sinks for washing dishes.
  • The drinks you want to enjoy from the “shop” in the reception or cash payment and deposit money in the money pot or, for longer stays, mention after your name on the form on the bulletin board
  • (Region) products you want to buy in the “shop” in the reception (cheese, honey, tea, herbs, compote, jams, etc.) personally checkout at owners Quinta do Pomarinho
  • In connection with fire hazards, it is not allowed barbecuing on our campsite without our permission
  • We respect everyone’s night’s rest and that is why it is quiet on our campsite between 10 pm and 8 am      

Our address and payment details

Quinta do Pomarinho

property owners (Proprietários)

Robert Uitman & Joop Jan Vos

address (Endereço)

Camping Quinta do Pomarinho
EN 246 km 16,5 Castelo de Vide – Portalegre
7320-421 Castelo de Vide

mailbox (Apartado) 

Quinta da Fonte de Agua Campismo Rural Lda

Apartado 8

EC Castelo de Vide

7320-421 Castelo de Vide



N 39° 23’ 53” W 7° 29’ 14”


Telephone number

00351 965 755 341

Bank account number (Número da conta bancária)

PT 50 0045 6436 4029 8437 567 21 in the name of QTA Fonte Agua LDA

VAT number (Número Identificação Fiscal (NIF))