Learning Portuguese in Portugal

To learn Portuguese in Portugal itself is, of course, a very fun and very effective way to learn the language. Learning Portuguese in Portugal goes a lot faster than when you follow a language course at home.

On Quinta do Pomarinho we have language courses available, during which teacher Isabel Carita will completely submerge you in the Portuguese language and culture. During the language course you will get your lessons on our quinta and you can stay on the small-scale camping or in one of our accommodations.

After every Portuguese lesson session you will still have plenty of time to explore the Alto Alentejo and its surroundings. Because our quinta is located at the foot of the natural park Sao de Mamede, you can easily combine learning with walking, running, biking, horseback riding, or swimming.

There is also enough culture here because in this hilly and rock region you will find many spectacularly located villages such as Castelo de Vide and Marvão.

Teachers and Lessons


Teacher Drs. Isabel Carita is originally Portuguese but has taught adults in the Netherlands for many years. She got her PhD in the Portuguese Language and Literature at the State University in Utrecht and taught Brazilian Literature herself later on. During the Portuguese lessons of Isabel Carita you will learn the language and customs of the country in a fun and effective way.

The teacher can also give a course Brazilian Portuguese. Brazilian Portuguese is a lot like European Portuguese, but especially the pronunciation and the grammar are very different. Brazilian Portuguese is often experienced as looser and a bit more ´song-like´.

Private lessons learning Portuguese

Isabel Carita has been teaching adults for 25 years, from beginners to the (very) advanced. If you want to learn Portuguese quickly, brush up your Portuguese, or dive deeper into the Portuguese language, then your best choice is a private course Portuguese. The course is then tailored to your needs and your level. Or that of you and your partner, because you can also individually learn Portuguese in very small groups.

The price per hour is € 12.50. For 2 people who want to take lessons together, the price per hour is € 15. You pay the course fee, without our intervention, to Mrs. Carita.

Group lessons learning Portuguese

Genuine group lessons are also taught on Quinta do Pomarinho. For example to groups that want to continue practicing after a course at an adult education center, or for families that are planning to move to Portugal or Brazil. During a language course Portuguese for groups teacher Isabel Carita will put together a course that meets your needs in terms of level and design.

To learn (Brazilian) Portuguese is a matter of practice!

Learning (Brazilian) Portuguese in Portugal is often much easier and more natural than learning the language in your own country. In Portugal you can immediately put what you learned at your lessons into practice, and you will also experience the habits and customs of Portugal first-hand. Learning a new language is mainly a matter of doing, and this means that you will be practicing a lot during the language course Portuguese! Whether you are following a private lesson or participating in a course with a group, teacher Drs. Isabel Carita will design a tailored course that meets your level and language needs.

Drs. Isabel Carita

More information

Do you have questions about learning the Portuguese language in Portugal, renting an accommodation, staying at our campsite or about your trip in general? Feel free to contact us! We are happy to be of service.