Nisa is located only 20 kilometers from Quinta do Pomarinho, in a beautiful green setting where you can also find several dams. Nisa is a small village in the Alto Alentejo that is mainly known for its cheese but also has some special cultural places of interest.

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Places of interest Nisa

The major attraction of Nisa is the ruins of the 13th-century castle and the city wall where two great gates are still standing: the Porta de Montalvão and Porta da Villa. The Fonta de Pipa is Nisa dates back to the 16th century (Renaissance) and is still intact. Nisa also has a beautiful baroque church that is well worth a visit.

Nisa is known as an industrial village with its lace and red pottery with embedded pebbles. White flower patterns on plain terracotta are the hallmark of Nisa. Shiny pieces of marble or quartz are very carefully arranged into floral patterns and are very similar to embroidery.

Famous cheeses are also made in Nisa. The light yellow, semi-soft but penetrating cheeses are made from raw sheep’s milk and have a slightly sour taste.

The cheese is great as a snack when drinking a glass of wine.

Surroundings Nisa

The green surroundings of Nisa are beautiful and perfect for walking and biking. In this river area, there are 8 marked hiking trails through small villages and a rolling landscape where time seems to stand still. At the rivers the Tagus and O Sever you can even spot deer!

Close to Nisa is a megalithic monument, the dolmen of Anta de São Gens. There is also an attractive bridge close-by, the Ponte de Figueiró.

Termas de Nisa

The Nisa Fadagosa Spa is a hot spring of sulfurous water. It is especially sought for its therapeutic value in the treatment of rheumatic and respiratory problems. They count on the support to the thermal activity, besides the specialty of hydrology, with the presence of medical specialists also in Rheumatology and Otorhinolaryngology as well as a whole team formed specifically for the purpose.

Thermal Season (Dates and Hours of Operation):
From May to November, with the following hours: from 9 am to 6 pm.

Events Nisa

Festival Músicas do Mundo – World Music Festival

Each year, in July, the largest Portuguese event in the area of world music is held, the Festival Músicas do Mundo – the World Music Festival. One of the festival’s venues is Sines Castle, a setting and space that shows the great range and wealth of the world’s different cultural expressions, in what is considered to be one of the country’s most democratic cultural events (Start Date 2019: 18 July 2019 -27 July 2019

Nisa in Festa (music festival)

This year from 9 to 12 of August 2019

The 3 best restaurants in Nisa

Nisa has many affordable restaurants where you can go to enjoy a meal or a drink. The three best restaurants in Nisa are;

  • A Taverna da Vila
    Try the cheese plate and the local fish and pork dish.
  • Café restaurante As tres Marias
  • Restaurante Regata

Carefree relaxation in a beautiful landscape

Visiting Nisa from Pomarinho

Quinta do Pomarinho is located only 20 kilometers from Nisa, making it ideal for a short trip from the quinta, where you will stay in one of our holiday homes or on our small-scale camping.

Spending the night at Pomarinho

We have a camping and several holiday homes on a large terrain of 62 acres where you will find rest, space, and nature. You can stay in a room in our Friends of Nature House based on Bed and Breakfast, or rent a whole floor or the whole house with your family or group. You can also stay in a unique detached holiday cottage, in one of our comfortable apartments that are built in the old stables of the farm or in one of our three rental caravans. You can stay based on self-catering or including partial breakfast (-service) or full care.

More information

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