Serra de São Mamede

Quinta do Pomarinho is partly located in natural park Serra de São Mamede. Our camping Portugal and holiday homes Portugal are at the foot of the park and offer a beautiful view of the hills. Serra de São Mamede is an offshoot of the Montes de Toledo, a mountain range in Spain. The highest peak is 1025 metres above sea level and the park is more than 40 kilometres wide.

The natural park is well-known for its special flora and fauna and with a bit of luck you will see numerous amphibians, reptiles, and rare birds. If you enjoy pristine nature or bird watching, Serra de São Mamede is a true paradise. You can also indulge yourself on the 62-acre terrain of our quinta, where more than 60 species of birds are spotted each your.

On our quinta we have walking package holidays available, during which you will walk some of the more than 30 plotted hiking trails Portugal in and around the park.

Map Serra de São Mamede

Parque Natural da Serra de Sao Mamede weergeven op een grotere kaart

Flora and fauna

Serra de São Mamede is an oasis of green with granite hills and special vegetation. The natural park and the terrain of the quinta are like seas of flowers in April and May, with flowers such as clovers, irises, lupines, calla lilies, and orchids.

The natural park close to the Spanish border is also one of Europe's most beautiful bird area's with birds such as the white and black stork, the eagle, the griffon vulture, the red-backed shrike, the golden oriole, the hoopoe, the bee-eater, the kingfisher, and the nightingale.

Dolmen and Menhirs

Many prehistoric findings have been made in the Alto Aletenjo. Around Castelo de Vide, Monsaraz, Montemor-o-Novo and Évora you can find megalithic tombs from 4000-2000 B.C.. These findings include dolmen: upright stones with a horizontal capstone. These collective graves were used to bury the deceased, tools, weapons, and pieces of art.

Around Castelo de Vide there are about 50 menhirs; pretty high rocks with a phallus shape that probably had a religious function. The largest menhir is around 7.5 metres high, making it the largest menhir of Portugal.

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