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Visiting Portugal with a camper is a beautiful way to discover Portugal's natural beauty. Quinta do Pomarinho offers a small-scale camping where you can enjoy space, rest, and freedom in the midst of a rocky and hilly party of the Alentejo.

Portugal Camping with Camper

On the terrain, which is part of the natural park Serra de São Mamede, you can find spacious sites for your tent, caravan, or camper Portugal. You have a beautiful view of the hills in the natural park and you can also see the peaks of the highest mountains of Portugal, the Serra de Estrela, in the distance.

There are a total of 20 sites with electricity available for your camper Portugal, part of  which can be found in the olive tree garden, while the other sites can be found on a flat piece of upper terrain. This small number of spacious sites will ensure that you have a peaceful and quiet stay, while your camper Portugal will still be close to the main house, swimming pool, and the lake. 

Facilities camper Portugal

On the camping you will find good sanitary facilities where the water is warmed using the vast amount of sun that Portugal has to offer. There is a drain in which you can empty the toilet of your camper. All facilities are present for enjoying your stay at camper Portugal in the late summer and in the winter.

Rates and opening hours

You can visit camper Portugal the entire year. Camper Portugal is also available for enjoying the late summer and the winter. Quinta do Pomarinho has special summer-, winter- , and long-term rates. Visit: camping rates.
We recommend you to make early reservations for a camper trip in the months July and August. You can contact us for more information or reservations.

Camper Portugal: other possibilities

  • Natural camping terrain. For the adventurous camper, Quinta do Pomarinho also offers sites that do not have electricity. There are good sanitary facilities on the natural camping terrain, as well as a special roofed cooking spot and a picnic table from which you will have a beautiful view of the surrounding hills.
  • Tour Portugal. Visiting camper Portugal is a good way for a camper tour through various parts of Portugal. De Alentejo offers sufficient possibilities of a short- or long-term holiday, but we also offer a versatile camper tour past 5 Dutch camping sites in the countryside, the hills, the mountains, or near the sea.

Camping Portugal with Camper and Pool


It is very easy to combine your camper Portugal stay with walking, cycling, swimming, or horseback riding. There are lots of possibilities in the nature park and the surrounding area. During your camper tour you can also enjoy culture, because the Alentejo contains lots of Roman remains and white Medieval establishments where time itself seems to have stood still.

Contact and reservations

You can reserve a spot at our camping Portugal with your camper or camper club in the following ways:

  • Fill in the form below
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  • Or call us at 00351 965 755 341

After receiving your reservations we will send you more information to finalize your booking.

You can also contact us with questions about camping with your camper Portugal or about your camper tour to Portugal. We are glad to be of service!

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