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MonsarazThe medieval town of Monsaraz is located 120 kilometres from Quinta do Pomarinho on a hill 342 metres above the right bank of the river Guadiana, which forms the border between Portugal and Spain. The picturesque town of Monsaraz in Alentejo Portugal is made up of white houses with red roofs, wrought iron balconies, and elongated chimneys which are often more than 300 years old. That is why entering Monsaraz feels as if you are going back in time, making it the perfect place to find some rest.

Places of Interest Monsaraz

The car-free Monsaraz is great for just strolling around through the narrow streets and over the small squares. The church of Monsaraz is the formed tribunal with pointed arch decorations. Nowadays you will find the Museu de Arte Sacra here. Other places of interest in Monsaraz include the 16th-century hospital opposite to the church, the by Dom Dinis built castle from the late 13th century, and the medieval castle of Monsarz with the Torre de Menagem.

Surroundings Monsaraz

The view of the surrounding landscape of Monsaraz is spectacular. From the castle you will see olive groves, winding roads, and the river area of the Rio Guadiana towards Spain.

Around Monsaraz there are many Neolithic megaliths and tombs. You will feel like a true explorer when you search for them by walking through a landscape with fields of wild flowers and olive groves. The most spectacular of the menhirs and dolmen is the Cromeleque do Xerez, 1.5 kilometres to the north of Monsaraz. Also the menhir of Bulhao, 4 kilometres to the north of Monsaraz, with its intriguing carved circles and lines, is very special.

Events Monsaraz

In Monsaraz various cultural events with music, dance, theatre, and art exhibitions take place in the summer. Every last Sunday of the month there is the 'Feira de Velharias'. At Easter and in September it is quite busy in Monsaraz, since the bull fight festivals take place then.

Restaurants Monsaraz

There is a handful of restaurants where you can many eat local dishes such as lombo de porco assado no forno (pork) and rego assado (lamb). There is also a small wine shop in Monsaraz where you can buy delicious wines from the Alentejo.

Visiting Monsaraz from Pomarinho

Quinta do Pomarinho is located 120 kilometres from Monsaraz, a small 2-hour drive and thus quite manageable for a day-trip. After enjoying a day in this hill-top located town with its spectacular views, you will drive through the typical Alentejo hills full of cork oaks and olive groves back to our quinta where you will still in one of our holiday homes or on our small-scale camping Portugal.

In our simple, practical Friends of Nature House you can stay based on Bed and Breakfast Portugal. You can also rent a whole floor or the whole house with your family or group. On our large terrain of 62 acres there is also an unique detached holiday cottage Portugal and a comfortable apartment Portugal built in the old stables of the farm. You can stay based on self-catering or including partial (breakfast) or full care.

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Do you have any questions about Monsaraz, the renting of one of the holiday homes Portugal, or a stay on our camping Portugal? Please feel free to contact us!

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