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EstremozEstremoz is located 70 kilometres from Quinta do Pomarinho in Alto Alentejo Portugal, on a 425 metre high hilltop that overlooks orchards with gnarled olive trees and cork oaks. It is a charming city that lies on a northern spur of the mountain rain Serra de Ossa. Estremoz is known as marble city, just like the nearby villages of Borba and Vila Viçosa. Next to that, Estremoz is also known for her eccentric 'bonecos'; elaborately decorated ceramic figures.

Places of interest Estremoz

Estremoz is a pleasant city that has a Moorish feel to it due to the many buildings, streets, sidewalks, and houses of marble. You can walk around in Estremoz through streets with wrought iron balconies, window boxes full of begonias, and over lively squares with white houses with red roofs. Estremoz consists of an old upper town with a relatively slightly younger lower town. Both are surrounded by a 17th-century fortress wall with embrasures and bastions.

The medieval upper town of Estermoz is dominated by a 13th-century marble tower of 27 metres high: the Torre das Três Coroas. The 'tower of the three crowns' reminds you of the kings that Estremoz had. The life of the wife of one of them is depicted on 'azulejos' in Capela da Rainha Santa. Next to the Torre is the former white palace, where a pousada is now housed. In the museum of the town of Estremoz you will find a collection of 'bonecos' together with archaeological findings.

Surroundings Estremoz

Nearby Estermoz there are many marble quarries that have already been exploited in the late Middle Ages. The town of Borba is the least visited marble town. It is a quiet little town full of beautiful marble details like marble sills, stairs, window frames, and chimneys. Borba is also known for its fine red wines.

Events Estremoz

The most famous event in Estremoz is the Feira Internacional de Artesenato e Agro-Pecuária de Estremoz. For several days there is a lively outdoor market in Estremoz, where vegetables, livestock, ceramics, and handmade baskets are sold.

Every Saturday morning there is a busy weekly market in Estremoz which is visited by people from all over the place. On this market you will find typical water jugs from Estremoz as well as 'bonecas' (painted terra cotta figurines) made from red clay.

Restaurants Estremoz

In Estremoz you will find plenty of nice and good restaurants where you can try various local dishes such as bacalhau à brás: dried cod with onions and potatoes. Café Alentejano can be found on a square and is always very popular with marketers and other Portuguese.

Visiting Estremoz from Pomarinho

Quinta do Pomarinho is located 70 kilometres from Estremoz, making it perfectly possible to give Estremoz a visit while staying on our quinta. The trip will take you through a typical Alentejo landscape with rolling hills dotted with olive trees and cork oaks. On our quinta you can stay in one of our holiday homes or on our small-scale camping Portugal.

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