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The natural park Serra de São Mamede is a beautiful pristine walking area with many marked hiking trails Portugal. The area offers extensive opportunities for walking Portugal. We are keen walkers ourselves and therefore have had great pleasure in, in addition to the existing hiking trails Portugal, mapping out over thirty hiking trails ourselves. From our quinta you can walk individually or participate in one of our group walking holidays. Whatever you choose, the walking descriptions are ready and waiting on our quinta!

Wandelroutes Portugal

To give you an impression of the available hiking trails Portugal, we have made a brief walking description. Do you have any questions about hiking trails Portugal or about an accommodation in order to be able to walk from our quinta? Feel free to contact us!

Hiking trails Portugal:

  1. Circular walks from the quinta
  2. Direct walks to or from the quinta
  3. Circular walks in the natural park Serra de São Mamede *
  4. Circular walks outside of natural park Serra de São Mamede *
  5. Circular walks at Nisa along the rivers the Tagus and O Sever *

*For some walks you will have to use your (rental)car or make use of our walking transport service.

1) Hiking trails Portugal: circular walks from the quinta

These circular walks are hiking trails Portugal that start and end at the quinta.

  • Hiking trails Portugal: Circular walk Castelo de Vide - 3.5 hours

Through the walking path over the natural camping terrain you will head towards the hills of Monte Casada. After several huge cork trees you will head uphill over a medieval path. Near the chapel Senhore da Penha you can enjoy a beautiful view of Castelo de Vide and in the distance even Marvão and Spain. After that you can descend over the Pilgrims path and reminisce on a terrace while enjoying a drink or a lunch. In Castelo de Vide you can visit the Fonte de Vila, the synagogue, and the castle grounds, after which you can descend again and walk back over the other side of the hill.

  • Hiking trails Portugal: Castelo de Vide tour - 2 hours

This is the short version of the circular walk Castelo de Vide. You will walk over the hills of the Serra de São Mamede to Castelo de Vide and back. This walk can also be combined well with the circular walk through Castelo de Vide, where you can make a visit to the Fonte de Vila, the synagogue, the Jewish district, and the castle.

  • Hiking trails Portugal: circular walk Ribeira da Nisa - 4 hours

You walk towards the valley of the Ribeira da Nisa and cross the water by using the stepping stones. A climb will lead you out of the valley after which you will follow a winding path through a fairy-like cork oak forest. Make another crossing over the Ribeiro da Nisa and walk over a beautiful rural route that crosses the tracks several times. After a visit to a Celtic roundhouse you will return to the Quinta.

  • Hiking trails Portugal: Circular walk Courelereiros Park - 3,5 or 5 hours *

Walk over the old road to the station of Castelo de Vide for a visit to the beautifully tiled terraces and the opposite lying estate of the poet Bugalho. You will cross a desolate landscape with large boulders and head towards Courelereiros park, where an Antal (dolmen) of more than 6000 years old can be admired. Back * over a beautiful route through the Serra. Or you can head up to make another visit to Castelo de Vide and then take the short route back to the quinta.

*from the Antar you can also walk on to the Menhir. You can be picked up from there.

2) Hiking trails Portugal:  Direct walks to or from the quinta

For direct walks that end on our quinta you can ask us to drop you off at the starting point, and for direct walks that start at the quinta you can be picked up.

  • Hiking trails Portugal: Castelo de Vide from Marvao to our quinta - 4,5 hours

You are brought to the Medieval village Marvão, where you can make a visit to the monastery Senhora de Estrela and the city itself with its impressive castle. From this eagle's nest you will descend through the hills and valleys of Ura to Castelo de Vide, from where you will return to our quinta.

  • Hiking trails Portugal: from Escusa to Carreiras and the Serra to our quinta - 5 hours

You are brought to a cup of coffee or tea in the picturesque village of Escusa. From there you will walk straight across the crest of the hill and to the other side where you will find the town square of the picturesque Carreiras. After that you will descend into the valley over a medieval path and eventually you will have to climb back up and over the Vitalispath, on the Castelo de Vide side of the Serra de São Mamede, back to the quinta.

  • Hiking trails Portugal: to the menhir - 5 hours (18 km)

From the quinta you will walk over a rocky landscape to the Coureleiros park with the antars (dolmen) and straight across the fields to the Menhir.

3) Hiking trails Portugal: circular walks Serra de São Mamede

We have mapped various hiking trails Portugal for you in natural park Serra de São Mamede along with several hiking trails along the border of Spain. These are all marked hiking trails.

  • Hiking trails Portugal: Galegos - 4 hours (11,5 km)

Perhaps the most beautiful walk in the Serra de São Mamede. Very diverse. Cross a bird- and wetland area with stepping stones over the Ribeiro de Galegos and the fast flowing water of the Rio Sever, with an unique break at a swimming place, where you might spot an otter or see a kingfisher. The route is located near the border with Spain and partly makes use of old smuggling trails. Beautiful views of the eagle nest Marvão, stone- and cork oaks, walnut- and olive trees, and huge rock formations made from granite.

  • Hiking trails Portugal: Marvão (7.5 km)

Starting at the Roman bridge with the toll tower from the 16th century in Portugal you will walk towards the medieval city of Marvão over a nice path of over 2 kilometres long. After a visit to the fortified town with an impressive castle you will walk down over a different route towards Portagen. In the hot summer months the river O Sever, which is led through a concrete box, makes for a great swimming spot with lots of shade and also a separate swimming pool.

  • Hiking trails Portugal: Carreiras - 3 hours (9,5 km)

From the village square in Carreiras you will walk over an almost car-ridden asphalt road with lots of beautiful views of the valley below. You will walk back to Carreiras over the medieval path.

  • Hiking trails Portugal: Reguengo - 3 hours (10.5 km)

Reguengo is situated in the midst of the natural park, on a 40 minute driving distance from the quinta. The start is in Reguengo at the 'Parish Church', which was built in the 18th century and a typical example of North-Alentejo's rural architecture. Between Reguengo and Relvas there is a hiking trail through a granite landscape which is over 500 million years old. On this landscape tour you will see various types of oaks: cork oaks, pine trees, and walnut trees.

  • Hiking trails Portugal: Esperance - 5 hours (16 km)

The Esperance walk is located in the extreme south of the natural park and an hour's drive from the quinta. Esperance is a typical Alentejo village with mostly yellow and sometimes blue-framed house with chimneys that are an important part of the architecture. The start is at the 16th century church Senhora da Esperance. After passing through the village, you will walk over fields dotted with cork oaks. When the walk was mapped out, the Iberian frog, wild doves, eagles, falcons, wild board, and numerous songbirds were spotted. Special about this route is that petroglyphs can be admired that were made around 2500-3000 B.C.

4) Hiking trails Portugal: circular walks outside of the natural park

  • Hiking trails Portugal: the vultures walk - 2,5 hours (10 km)

The circular walks starts just over the border of Spain in the village El Pino and will bring you to a colony of griffon vultures that nest in the rocks.

  • Hiking trails Portugal: walking at Marvão and Beira - 3 hours (12 km)

The start is at the station decorated with beautiful mosaic tiles, which still seems to be caught up in the time when it was still a busy border station. Through small communities you will to the village of Barretos and through the township Barretos Ranginga you will walk through the fields back to Beira.

5) Hiking trails Portugal: circular walks at Tagus and Sever

Hiking trails Portugal: Circular walks at Nisa, a 30-45 minute drive away from our quinta.

The neighbouring district Nisa has eight well-plotted circular walks of varying lengths, among which lengths of 4.5, 6.5, 5.7, 9.2, to 14 kilometres. It is a totally different landscape that is dominated by the rivers the Tagus and the Sever and where you can even spot deer. The walks vary between landscapes and small villages where time seems to have stood still.

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