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Below you will find some experiences of guests that recently or long ago enjoyed a walking holiday at Quinta do Pomarinho.

Ervaringen van gasten met wandelen in Portugal

It was a lot of fun (June 2011)

Thanks again for the great walking holiday and the great care. Mid-August we're having a walk to catch up, so who knows: maybe we'll succeed in collecting pictures and putting them on a CD for you!

Our expectations were more than met (June 2011)

It was very pleasant to stay here. The expectations that I had were more than met. A family feeling and everything was very 'natural'. Keep it up and people will keep on coming. I will definitely advertise for you. It was a relaxing holiday, even during the walking. We always waited for everyone to catch up. I'm going home with a  great feeling.

 Anything is possible, nothing is set in stone. (May 2011)

What stands out for me is the hospitality of Dolf & Phine. The e-mails correspondence before the holiday was already very pleasant, and together with their team they make every effort to make you feel at ease. Anything is possible, nothing is set in stone. I also enjoyed some delicious meals, which were prepared with a lot of care.

Highly recommended (May 2011)

We had a fantastic holiday on Pomarinho: a walking package holiday! A beautiful and tranquil area with a lot of walking opportunities and villages/towns to visit, a special couple that receives guests in a pleasant and engaged manner and (also literally) helps them find their way, and a tasty and diverse breakfast and lunch package, all in a friendly and small-scale environment. You can make your dinner yourself (did this once), twice there was the opportunity to dine together with a group (we also did this) and for the rest we ate in various local restaurants (good and cheap). Nature is really blooming this time of the year (what a flowers!), the weather is lovely, and we made walks past places where you came to a halt just to look around. In short: highly recommended.

Wonderful walking days (April 2011)

We really enjoyed these wonderful walking days. Not a single setback. A very nice group, good care (especially the food was delicious) and nice guides in a beautiful area. We have practically already forgotten the fact that it rained a bit.

A successful walking holiday (April 2011)

I'm thinking back to a very successful walking holiday from mid to late April 2011 at Dolf & Phine on Quinta do Pomarinho. Made some superb walks with excellent supervision and care. Dolf, Phine, thanks a lot!

An amazing spot (June 2010)

An incredibly friendly welcome. Well-plotted walks that were also clearly marked. A great spot to set up our tent. Near the town of Castelo de Vide, yet surrounded by nature. These 5 days were amazing!
Piet van Dam

Great! (June 2010)

The facilities were clean and well maintained and the terrain is large and quiet. The Friends of Nature House is pleasantly furnished and fully equipped. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. The surroundings are great: it's quiet, there is lots of space, beautiful nature, incredible sunsets, and a starry heaven at night.
We have also made some beautiful hikes under guidance of a Dutch-speaking guide!

Out on the road every day (April 2009)

Pomarinho is a very nice place in a beautiful natural park. We are very pleased that we found it on the internet! The apartment was a nice place to leave from and return to before and after walks. Every day we walked (although we cycled once) through the vast landscape with the flowering broom, the fragrant rock roses and lavender. It was great that we could join you for a meal after a walk. We're leaving back to the Netherlands tomorrow full of impressions. Thank you Dolf and Phine for your great care and hospitality!
Anne and Harry

You'll keep on coming back (January 2009)

In January we stayed in the round house 'Casa Redonda' for a month. We had bad weather, but luckily there was a wood stove. The town of Castelo de Vide is worth the trouble and is 5 minutes by car of 5 quarters of an hour by foot over nice trails. As soon as the sun shines you can enjoy sitting outside. You look out over a hilly landscape with large stones (megalith). You can do some great walking; there are several hiking trails. If you've been there once, you'll keep on coming back.
Mies van Weston

Our spot (July 2008)

How great was it to call this spot 'ours' for five days. We quickly got used to the daily routine. Get up early, walk, nap, swim, read, do nothing and watch the sun set at night. Unexpectedly ended up here but it's certainly worth the effort of stopping by again!
Astrid and Ben

What an honor (March 2008)

We had the honor to be the first tenants of the new, beautiful, and full equipped Studio Tijmen. We enjoyed the hospitality and also the advice about the wonderful walks which we really enjoyed. We can't help but smile when thinking of our stay on Pomarinho.
Jos and Tine Krijnen

Beautiful walks (June 2007)

Dolf and Phine, you have given us some excellent advice in choosing the walks. These were all wonderful and well marked. Sometimes it took us a moment to find the path, but that is all part of the fun. Especially the griffon vultures in Spain were incredible. We enjoy the walk around Galegos the most! We had twee weeks of wonderful walking and cycling weather. The area is beautiful and the view from the round house changes every morning, afternoon, and evening. Thanks for the wonderful time!
Bertha and Bert

Ten-Day Walking holiday (May 2007)

I had a wonderful ten-day walking holiday followed by a couple days of rest. Enjoyed nice and cozy dinners, and slept well in the house and the round house. Nice to have experienced both. Erwin and Inge: thanks for the fun and beautiful walks! And the various small details that gave this holiday that extra touch. A very good first experience with Portugal!

To be repeated (April 2007)

It was our first real walking holiday with a group. Definitely worth repeating! You guys really try to make your guests feel at ease. Lovely walks, delicious food, and a lot of fun.
Johan and Wijnie

A lot of care (September 2006)

How we enjoyed your hospitality and the wonderful Pomarinho entourage! The walks were beautiful and well organized. Dolf and Phine, it is clear to us that you really care about your guests. The days were hot but we still made some great walks. Erwin and Inga, you were incredible.
Fam. Nagelmaeker

Many walks (April 2005)

We enjoyed the beaitufl views and the many  walks we made. What a wonderful place to camp!
Fam. Steijn

Cows, frogs and crickets

Every time I returned to Casa Redonda I felt warmly greeted by the atmosphere of this little house. What a delight to wake up to the bellos of the cows ringing in the morning and to return home in the evening and hearing the crickets chirp and the frogs croak. Made beautiful walks in a budding nature. Dolf and Phine, thank you for the hospitality!
Jessica Swartberg

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