Walking holiday program

A walking holiday program for a group consist of a 12-day, fully cared for walking package holiday where you will stay in one of our holiday homes Portugal for 11 nights.

Walking holiday program Alentejo Portugal

At least 8 walks in and around Serra de São Mamede are included in the walking holiday program. The walks range in length from 12 to 18 kilometers through a varied landscape with a rich culture. A walking holiday program is always determined in consultation with the group holiday participants but all walks are well-manageable with a basic walking stamina.
Included in the walking holiday program are 2 rest days that you can fill in yourself with short walks, relaxation, sports activities, or cultural and culinary trips.

Walking holiday program

A walking holiday program is always tailored to the needs and the level of the participants. Below we would like to give you an example of a possible daily schedule:

  • Day 1: Arrival at Pomarinho Quinta with public transport or (rental) car
  • Day 2: Visit to medieval town of Castelo de Vide (3 h.)
  • Day 3: Walk Beirã-Barretos-Ranginha-Beirã, back with the train (3 h.)
  • Day 4: Walk to the river Montalvão O Sever (4 h.)
  • Day 5: Rest day: walking, cycling, swimming, massage, hammock ...
  • Day 6: Walk to Ribeira de Nisa basin (4 h.)
  • Day 7: From the historical Marvão through the hills to the quinta (4 h.)
  • Day 8: Coureleiros park and the menhirs (4 h.)
  • Day 9: Rest day: walking, cycling, swimming, massage, hammock ...
  • Day 10: griffon vultures in Spain or petroglyphs in Esperança (4 h.)
  • Day 11: Natural park walk at Galegos over old trails (4 h.)
  • Day 12: Departure or extension of your walking tour Portugal

You can arrive at the airport of Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Sevilla, or Madrid. You can also come by car or by bus with Eurolines.

Fully cared-for walking holiday program

We will provide you with a carefully mapped out walking holiday program and we promise you that you will have everything you need! You will have full boarding in one of our comfortable holiday homes Portugal.
On arrival we will welcome you with a delicious dinner. After that, we will provide a good breakfast, a lunch (package), and a tasty dinner every day. Wonderfully relaxing if you've been active all day! After you return after a walk, you can just get a drink and sit down! On your departure we will provide you with a packed lunch.

Walking with a group

A walking holiday program with a group is a pleasant and fun way to spend your holiday if you are by yourself, with a partner or a friend, or with a small party. The entire group often consists of real walkers who love sharing their love for nature and walking. In the evening, you can seek the company of other members of your group or enjoy the privacy and tranquility that the quinta offers. It just depends on what you want.

Prices and transport

The price for the groupt walking holiday depends on what type of accommodation you choose. The prices below will give you an indication and are based on two persons in one accommodation:

8-day with group

12-day with group

  • € 555,- guest room
  • € 680,- 1-person guest room
  • € 585,- holiday cottage
  • € 655,- apartment
  • € 835,- guest room
  • € 1025,- 1-person guest room
  • € 895,- holiday cottage
  • € 1150,- apartment
  •  € 475,- own camping equipment
  • € 695,- own camping equipment

Check rates walking tours for the exact prices.

The prices are excluding the transportation to and from Quinta do Pomarinho. Local transport is included. With walks that are further away from the quinta you will be dropped off and picked up there.

More information about the walking holiday program

For more information, visit group walking holiday or walking package holidays. Dates and prices can be found in the walking calendar.

Contact and reservations

Feel free to contact us for more detailed information or questions about  a walking holiday program. You can also directly book a walking holiday.

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