Unsolicited application

There are many things that need doing on our holiday farm throughout the year. You can choose to work with us as a volunteer or an intern if you are willing to stay at least a month.

If so, we would like to invite you to write an unsolicited application. We would be glad to clearly read your motivation for working at Quinta do Pomarinho as a volunteer or an intern. Of course we would also like to read what your background and experience is, preferably in relation to what you could do on the quinta.

You can respond via the link below. Upon receiving your unsolicited application and CV, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Contact details

Quinta do Pomarinho
Dolf Janssen

Quinta do Pomarinho
EN 246 km 16,5 Castelo de Vide - Portalegre
7320-421 Castelo de Vide

N 39° 23’ 53” W 7° 29’ 14”


00351 965 755 341

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