Internship Portugal

Aside from being a lovely place to spend your vacation, our holiday farm in Portugal is a dynamic and innovative business. Since 2011 Pomarinho is managed by us, the Dutch Dolf Janssen and Phine Verhoef, in collaboration with an employee. We can always use some help in many different areas due to the fact that there are a lot of internal and external processes. This is why a internship Portugal at Pomarinho is a possibility.


On the farm there many things that need to be done. You can help us out and think about things like agriculture, technical knowledge, water management, building maintenance and sorts, marketing, supervision of activities in and around the quinta, "hands-on help" with cooking, the olive harvest, jam preparing, mowing, gardening, watering, painting, carpentry, and cleaning.

During an internship Portugal we can discuss what is necessary. But it will certainly be a very diverse internship Portugal!

Internship Portugal

In order to carry out all the different activities listed above, we work together with volunteers and interns that stay with us based on an internship or a working holiday Portugal. We are also very happy with the fit group of pensioners that possess specific knowledge and are thus very interesting for us to work together with.

We are open to initiatives! Please contact us for an internship Portugal or respond via the link below.

Contact details

Quinta do Pomarinho
Robert Uitman en Joop Vos


Quinta do Pomarinho
EN 246 km 16,5 Castelo de Vide - Portalegre
7320-421 Castelo de Vide

N 39° 23’ 53” W 7° 29’ 14”


0031 683 201 188

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PT 50 0045 6436 4029 8437 567 21 in the name of QTA Fonte Agua LDA

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