Sustainable entrepreneuring

We, the owners of Quinta do Pomarinho, have always found the environment and a balanced society very important. This is the main reason why we invest in environmentally friendly methods and renewable resources to run our camping Portugal in a sustainable manner. Our slogan "Friends of Nature" is the result of this idea.

Mission and vision

"Quinta do Pomarinho aims to be a sustainable and nature-loving business. We strive to maintain characteristic qualities in our accommodations and in the personal service to our guests".

Sustainable entrepreneuring Portugal

We are an advocate of sustainable and responsible entrepreneuring and try to do this in our own quinta Portugal. It is a challenge to balance life on Quinta do Pomarinho, but we find nature and the environment so important that we have at least done the following for sustainable entrepreneuring Portugal:

  • Electricity is also generated by solar panels and a small windmill
  • Collectors ensure that the sun heats the water for showering and washing
  • The heating system works on solar energy and is helped out by a wood stove in the winter
  • The planning and construction of organic gardens, olive trees, and 10 acres of cork oaks
  • Waste is separated
  • Supporting the local population by purchasing local products
  • Purchasing services and having partnerships with and from local companies

More information

Do you have any questions about our way of sustainable and responsible entrepreneuring? Or about our quinta or accommodation possibilities? Please feel free to contact us!

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