A holiday on farm Portugal

Quinta do Pomarinho is a former farm Portugal, located on a large terrain with 62 acres worth of grazing lands, olive trees, and cork and Holm oaks. The terrain is located 450 metres above sea level and borders natural park Serra de São Mamede. On the farm Portugal there are fruit trees with delicious fruits such as figs, quinces, apricots, citruses, apples, pears, pomegranates, and almonds. On our quinta Portugal there is also a small swimming pool and a stream that flows into a beautiful small lake where you can go to cool off.

Vakantie op boerderij Portugal

Local products

An important product of our farm Portugal are the olives. After the harvest, which takes place in late October, the olives are incised and rinsed many times until the bitter taste is gone and they are suitable for consumption.

The homemade olives and jam are sold on our farm Portugal, together with the organic cheese and tea of our neighbors. In our camping shop you will also find the famous local cheese from Nisa, the delicious red and white Terras de Baco wines from the cooperation of Portalegre, along with fruit juices and various types of Portuguese beer.


There are several cats, dogs, cows, and chickens walking around on our farm. The cows have an important function because they keep the vegetation short and their manure is put on the compost pile. Obviously they are important for the landscape. The chickens on our farm lay fresh eggs every morning, which our guests can enjoy at breakfast.

Next to our own animals walking around on our farm Portugal, you will also find foxes and badgers in the wild. A small-spotted genet has even been spotted and a lynx has been heard. There are also turtles in the lake and if there is enough fish two otters sometimes come over to our farm to enjoy a tasty meal. Furthermore, almost 60 species of birds Portugal are counted on our farm Portugal every year.

Holiday on farm Portugal

You can also experience the life on our farm Portugal yourself. On our terrain there are several different holiday homes Portugal, including a Friends of Nature House, a Bed and Breakfast, two apartments, and a beautiful holiday home with a very local style. It is also possible to camp on our small-scale camping Portugal or our natural camping terrain. You will stay here and enjoy peace and quiet in a beautiful environment where can also enjoy walking and biking. Of course, you are also welcome to lend a hand on our farm Portugal if you want to!

Responsible Entrepreneurship

We try to preserve nature and the environment and try to run our camping in a sustainable and socially responsible way. By running the farm in a sustainable Portugal way we try to take into account the future of generations to come. One of these ways is the usage of solar energy for heating.

Volunteers and interns

There are various activities on the farm Portugal that cost a lot of time and energy. Therefore we really appreciate the help of volunteers, interns, and even guests. They can help along with the various activities that take place on our farm Portugal.

More information

For more information about our quinta Portugal, internships, or volunteer work, you can always contact us. We are glad to be of assistance!

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