Newsletter August 2013

Party 10 years Pomarinho

feest pomarinhoOn May 15th we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Quinta do Pomarinho. We had the party of our lives! Phines choir 'Ocre Vozes' sang traditional songs from the Alentejo and there was also a great blues band. We had a good mixture among our 120 guests: 40 guests who were staying at Pomarinho, 40 friends and acquaintances from the neighbourhood and 40 'real' Portuguese from our 10-year old network. It was a sparkling party!

Maintenance estate

During the summer a lot of work was done to maintain the estate. We mowed and ploughed to secure the fire safety, we thinned out the oaks and we ‘fought’ against the blackberries. We managed to do all this thanks to a lot of friends and volunteers. A great thanks goes to Peter & Hester, Annerie & Anne-May, Stephan & buddy and Rafael. Rafael is not only a great manager but also a guide, chauffeur transport service and much more. Stephan & Gabriel will come back early September to help us out again with the oaks.

Cosy and busy

Because of the bad weather last spring in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and northern Portugal we had more guests then usual, particularly in May. The guests arrived and stayed because of the beautiful weather. New guests arrived and also stayed. New guests…

Post office

afdak bij PomarinhoDuring the summer our 'post office', the large shed behind our pool, was used for multifunctional reasons. Even when it's 40 degrees outside it’s relatively cool in here. About 40 young French people used it as their base. It’s a place where you can cook safely and where you can play billiards and ping-pong. Many campers also use the benches and tables for their breakfast and meals.

Our intention for the future is to use the shed for various courses such as yoga, drawing / painting and sculpting. We are currently talking to a German organisation that wants to use the shed for fasting courses in combination with the rent of our Friends of Nature house.

Offer: 20% discount on walking holiday

wandelenWould you like to discover the beautiful nature of Portugal by foot? Then come over to Pomarinho for a walking holiday! Right now we have a special offer: if you book a group walking holiday before 17th September, you will get a discount of 20% on the regular rates. Valid for all group walking holidays in 2013 and 2014. There are still places available but don't wait too long because full = full. 

The autumn and winter are beautiful seasons to discover the Alentejo. You can also come over in December during Christmas and New Year. See the calendar for all dates.


Besides walking and cycling a lot of sports are being practised at or near Pomarinho. For instance:


houten spel uit ZwedenKubb is a lawn game with wooden blocks and batons. The word ‘Kubb’ means ‘wooden block’ in a Swedish dialect. Kubb is more or less a combination of chest, bowling and petanque. Currently we are practicing hard for the Dutch Championship for which our opponents Trudy and Hans will come over in October. In 2022 we would like to join the World Championship.


para gliden portugalVery often paragliders land on the Pomarinho estate. They know exactly where to find our refrigerator with fresh cokes! Large numbers are practising and they come from all over the world. In 2014 the World Championships will be held here. The participants will start from the hill opposite Pomarinho. 


Internet everywhere

wifiWIFI is a must for almost everybody. Quite often we have guests at Pomarinho who combine work with leisure. Furthermore, we have wintering guests who like to keep in touch with home through Skype. WIFI is convenient for a lot of people. To serve our guests even better we arranged that the entire campsite and all accommodations (with the exception of Casa Redonda) have Internet access now. The new Internet signal is coming via satellite. For our guests WIFI is free.

New hiking trails

nieuwe wandelingen PomarinhoThanks to Lies & Wil Engel Pomarinho now has a couple of new hiking trails. One of them is a panoramic hike over the hill-tops that face our quinta, offering fantastic 360 degrees views. A new ‘triangle hike’ leads you from Pomariho to the station In Beira where you can spend the night in the former train station which has recently become a Bed & Breakfast named ‘Train Spot’. On the second day you walk from Beira to the medieval town of Marvão. After spending the night in Estalagem de Marvão you return to Castelo de Vide / Pomarinho. Daily distance: around 11 kilometres.

Black Stork

zwarte ooievaar in PortugalLately black storks, domiciled in the reservoir of Povoa e Meadas, occasionally visit our little lake. Unlike his white counterpart, the black stork (Ciconia nigra) is a very shy bird. Outside the trek you hardly see him outside the forest or swamp.

The build of the black stork is similar to the build of the white stork but the head, neck and wings are black. The legs and straight solid beak are red. His belly is white and the black feathers have a strong purple and green metallic luster. The black stork can reach the hight of 1.22m and pulls away to hibernate, sometimes al the way up to South Africa.

Regarding his diet there are also differences compared to the white stork. The black stork mainly lives of living fish but he also likes amphibians and small mammals. He catches the living animals in shallow water, marshes or wet meadows. Forests near rivers and wetlands are favorite breeding grounds.

Summer recipe

Sorbete the pinho - Pineapple Sorbet. This delicious summer refreshment tasts very good together with a slice of honey cake. There is no need to add protein in order to keep the ice cream soft; the pineapple itself has an enzyme that prevents the juice from refreezing hard.

ananas sorbetFor 1 liter:

  • 1 peeled pineapple (pieces)
  • 1 tbsp lime juice
  • 275 grams unrefined sugar
  • 5 decilitre water
  • fresh pineapple chunks

Peel the pineapple and remove the hard core. Cut the flesh into pieces. Puree all ingredients in a food processor until you have got a smooth puree. Strain the mass and put it into the freezer. Scoop it straight out of the freezer into tall, narrow glasses. Serve with a few slices of fresh pineapple to eat in between.

Enjoy the autumn!

Hopefully the autumn will be as good as the summer in Northern Europe. Until the next newsletter, somewhere in winter. Best regards.

regards from Pomarinho Portugal

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