Menhirs en dolmen Portugal

Many prehistoric findings have been done around Castelo de Vide, Montemor-o-Nove, Évora, and Monsaraz, such as menhirs and dolmen Portugal. These megalithic tombs have been placed between 4000 and 2000 B.C.. The so-called dolmen Portugal consists of several upright stones with horizontal capstones. They were used as collective graves and, apart from bodies, people also buried art objects, weapons, and tools here.

Menhirs Portugal

Menhirs are pretty high rocks, often in the form of a phallus. Long ago, they probably had a religious function. Several menhirs close together, often in the form of a circle or a square,  are called cromlechs.

Menhirs and dolmen Portugal

Dolmen Portugal

Around Castelo de Vide, 5 kilometres away from our quinta, there are about 50 menhirs and dolmen Portugal including the largest menhir (7.5m high) of the Iberian Peninsula. We have a map available for you on which all menhirs and dolmen Portugal are visible. The locations are also indicated by signs along the small rural roads which are great for biking and walking Portugal.

Our Quinta

From our quinta your can easily discover the beautiful nature and the menhirs and dolmen Portugal. You can stay in one of our holiday homes, on our camping, or on the natural camping terrain. The quinta with its 62 acres of land offers a comfortable home base for a walking holiday Portugal where you can make varied walks and also sit back and relax. We have walking package holidays available for groups and individuals.

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