Natural park Portugal

On Quinta do Pomarinho you can stay in one or our holiday homes Portugal or on the camping Portugal. The natural camping terrain of our quinta is officially located in natural park Serra de São Mamede. This natural park Portugal is over 40 kilometres wide and covers an area of 78,450 acres along the border of Spain. The mountain range of the natural park Portugal forms a triangular mass of hard rocks that haven't been worn down by erosion. The park is a green oasis in the pretty dry Alentejo and offers a special flora and fauna.

The top of the natural park is 1025 metres above sea-level and is sometimes covered with snow in the winter. In and around the natural park there are more than 25 varied hiking trails that will lead you over old smuggling trails and past white villages or over country roads towards menhirs Portugal or colonies of griffon vultures.

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