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If you are going to spend the winter in Portugal, you will want to be aware of a number of things in advance. Below, we have listed a few useful topics so that you can travel to the sunny south well-prepared and with a sound mind.

Overwinteren Alentejo Portugal


the climate in Alentejo Portugal is very pleasant with mild winters in which the average temperature during the day is 15 degrees Celsius. Perhaps the Alentejo is less well known for long stay winter, but this quiet province with its beautiful nature and culture is a paradise for people that seek peace and quiet and prefer avoiding the bustle of the Algarve.


For a few years, Quinta do Pomarinho has had some regular visitors during the winter, and every year new people join us.  They have a great time and are of course free to participate in any activities that we offer our guests. What kind of activities should you expect:

Sometimes there is a nice show in the theater or a fado evening in the neighborhood. Almost every week there are a number of guests that set out for a nice hike. And usually there is a small club of people that head to the indoor pool on Saturday. Besides walking, you can also decide to explore the Alentejo by bike. We also have nice car- and scooter tours available which lead through the Alentejo. Every guest also has access to the North-Alentejan book, in which you can find many tourist tips. Enjoying a dinner together is always great! But again: nothing is obliged. You can always keep to yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet if you prefer to do so.

Facilities for long stay winter

On our quinta there is a communal washing machine and a small shop where you can order bread and buy local produce such as cheese, wine, olives, and jams. Are you taking a laptop with you and do you want to be sure that you will have access to wireless internet (Wifi) on the camping? Please mention this in your reservation so that we can keep this in mind.

The town of Castelo de Vide is within walking distance (60 minutes) from out quinta and 7 kilometres by car. This village is great for shopping! There are a number of small supermarkets and a larger fresh supermarket which is open 7 days a week. In Castelo de Vide there are also ATMs, a post office, a pharmacy, and several restaurants.


For medical matters you can also visit Castelo de Vide. There is always a doctor present at the clinic. In Portalegre, 15 kilometres from our quinta, there is a hospital in which X-rays and the like can be made. For any possible pets: there is also a veterinarian in Portalegre.

How to spend the winter

There are several ways to spend the winter on Quinta do Pomarinho:

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