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You can learn Brazilian Portuguese in Portugal, on Quinta do Pomarinho in the Alto Alentejo which is located close to the Spanish border. Brazilian Portuguese is quite different from European Portuguese regarding pronunciation and grammar, but the foundations of both languages are very similar.



Teacher Drs. Isabel Carita was born in Portugal but has taught adults in the Netherlands for many years. She graduated as a doctoral student at the University of Utrecht, majoring in Portuguese Language and Literature, and taught Brazilian Literature there for three years. During Portuguese lessons from Isabel Carita you will learn the language and customs of Brazil in a fun and effective way. Your teacher will be able to teach you the refinements of this charming and warm language!

Course location

You will learn Brazilian Portuguese on our quinta Portugal that is located on a large terrain of 62 acres with olive trees, stone and cork oaks, a stream, and small lake. On the terrain there are several holiday homes Portugal and a camping Portugal on which you can stay.

Learning Brazilian Portuguese is alternated with free day periods so that you have enough time to explore the Alentejo Portugal and the surrounding area. Because our quinta borders a natural park, you can easily combine the language lessons with biking, walking, fishing, horseback riding, or swimming. If you love culture the area also has a lot to offer, including rock paintings, dolmen, and spectacularly located towns such as Castelo de Vide and Marvão.

Private and group lessons to learn Brazilian Portuguese

Isabel Carita has been teaching adults for 20 years. Her students have ranged from beginning Portuguese students to more advanced Portuguese students. If you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese quickly, brush up on your Brazilian Portuguese, or dig deeper into the language of Brazil, then a private course Portuguese is your best choice. The course is then tailored to your level and needs, or that of you and your partner, because you can also individually learn Brazilian Portuguese together.

Group lessons are also given at Quinta do Pomarinho. For example to groups that want to continue practicing after a previous course of Portuguese, or to families that are moving to Brazil. During a language course Portuguese for groups, teacher Isabel Carita with put together a course with that meets your needs in terms of subject and level.

To learn Brazilian Portuguese is a matter of practice!

The learning of the Brazilian language is mainly a matter of practice, and that is exactly what you will be doing in the course, during which you will learn Brazilian Portuguese in Portugal! Whether you are following private lessons or group lessons, teacher Drs. Isabel Carita will put together a course that meets your level and language needs.

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