Experiences of guests with Friends of Nature house

Below you will find some experiences of former guests with the Friends of Nature House at Quinta do Pomarinho.

Natuurvriendenhuis Alentejo Portugal

Amazing (June 2010)

The facilities were clean and well maintained and the terrain is large and quiet. The Friends of Nature House is pleasantly furnished and fully equipped. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. The surroundings are great: it's quiet, there is lots of space, beautiful nature, incredible sunsets, and a starry heaven at night. We have also made some beautiful hikes under guidance of a English-speaking guide!

Phine and Dolf lost in paradise (April 2009)

Both the owners and the location had an added value due to the special feeling that I got, six years ago, during our first visit. The cork oak at the Roundhouse will give you inner peace if you really surrender yourself to it.. The roof of the Friends of Nature House Casa Antiga gives an amazing view of the sunset over the valley. The joint eating of an evening meal, expertly prepared by Dolf, will treat your taste buds to a true pleasure. The area offers a lot of culture and nature; but also a day at Pomarinho's lake, along with a good book / glass of wine will give you the ultimate holiday feeling. A place that was once chosen by prehistoric inhabitants must be worth a visit!
Robert & Anna Maria

Lots of fun (May 2008)

Two wonderful weeks in a beautiful area. What a fun we had and what a beautiful walks we made. We really had a good laugh about four women trying to light a stove. Furthermore, the daily meals: first in the room with the table, then in the kitchen, and then later on at two tables in the living room. Eventually we also enjoyed a meal outside, and lastly we had dinner in the information room. There were 13 of us, which made for a really nice atmosphere. The delicious wines also contributed to the festivities. All in all we had a really great time that is certainly worth repeating!
Fam. Keulen, Backx, Sengers, and Veenstra

Warmth and attention (April 2008)

The feeling of arriving in Castelo de Vide and immediately being greeted with a warm hug the moment you get off the bus. Driving with the van to the estate of Pomarinho. Walking into Casa Antiga and meeting the rest of the hiking group. Sitting around the fireplace around a fireplace and enjoying a delicious meal. A comfortable bed. And all those beautiful walks...led by an expert. Just watching your feet and enjoying the nature, birds, griffon vultures, clean air and floral scents. We have been incredibly spoiled with delicious meals, warmth, attention and information. Everyone deserves this!

Variety (November 2007)

A strong wind, and then suddenly peace and quiet. Turning on the stove, searching for nuts, picking olives, walking in solitude. And now we have to head back to our busy lives at home. Alas!
Rob and Marieke

Countryside (October 2007)

Staying on the Portuguese countryside for twee weeks: a completely new experience for us. The landscape is beautiful here with the flora, historic, and prehistoric features and offers incredible walking opportunities over a  very large area. The atmosphere is warm and friendly here, which makes for an amazing stay. Dear Dolf and Phine, thanks for everything!
Fam. Calsbeek

Special hospitality (June 2007)

Early in the morning the door of Casa Antiga slowly opens. Fresh buns are put on the table. Dolf stops by again while we are having breakfast. He'll take us to the griffon vulture route in Spain on Friday. There is nothing that can make two bird watchers happier! The wood-fueled fire brought warmth after a rainy day. The pool coolness under a burning sun a day later. Thanks a lot for your exceptional hospitality!
Heleen and Henk

Reeaally enjoying ourselves (March 2006)

What an incredible place to relax. I have the whole house to myself, which I'm really enjoying. When I come back from a hike the stove is on, and the fire is wonderful. The bed is really comfy. Only the small step in my bedroom is troublesome at night. I have really enjoyed it, thanks for everything!

Turning on the stove and cocooning (November 2005)

A week on Pomarinho. We enjoyed the quiet, the scenic views, and the charming villages in the area. The last day when it rained and the wind howled around the house, we imagined ourselves to be at Wuthering Heights. We just turned on the stove and cocooned! Dolf and Phine, thank you for your helpfulness and cordiality. All the best to you!
Jeanne and Frits

A home (April 2004)

This is a home in the Alentejo. A very nice place and a lovely reception. It was just for a few days but we really enjoyed it. Our kids found the lake to be great fun. Best wishes and good luck in the greatest town in the world.
Sisca and Peter

A nice house (June 2003)                   

When driving up the quinta we felt at home straight away. The welcome Dolf and Phine gave us was incredibly warm. The stay in the Friends of Nature House was very pleasant. You can just do your own thing while knowing that you can always ask Dolf for anything. Thanks for a wonderful stay!
Ellie and Erik-Jan


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