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Below you will find several experiences of former guests of Quinta do Pomarinho that stayed in the round house 'Casa Redonda'

Huisje Portugal

The real life (May 2011)

In Casa Redonda you can experience the real life. As it is. In all its simplicity with the mountains, the trees, the skies, and the flowers. We leave the busy life that we lead in the Netherlands behind us. How can it be that you feel such a connection with a place on earth? Dolf and Phine, thank you for allowing us to experience this!
Henk and Ineke

Privacy in beautiful surroundings (July 2009)

This holiday cottage on Quinta do Pomarinho is great to stay in if you are looking for some tranquility and privacy. The simple African round house is a cool place to retreat to during the hottest hours of the day. The cottage is located behind the camping and can be reached via a small path. It has a small glass stove and a cooler. If you're not experienced hikers it is advisable to rent a car because the Quinta is located 7 kilometres from the village.

A nice secluded spot (April 2009)

Casa Redonda (the round house) lies a bit separated from the rest of the buildings and the Pomarinho estate. Disadvantages: 30 metres of walking to the showers / toilet block, and only a little electricity. But there is enough room in the house and it is surrounded by a sea of space. A beautiful walking area, a few nice towns, and dolmen. No idea if it's also quiet at the house if there are a lot of campers on this part of the 'recreation grounds'.
Kees van Tol

A great location in a quiet area... (January 2009)

We spent January in the 'Casa Redonda' round house. We had some bad weather, but fortunately we had the wood stove. The town of Castelo de Vide is certainty worth visiting and takes 5 minutes to get to by car over the road, or a quarter and an hour by foot over beautiful paths. You can enjoy sitting outside as soon as the sun starts shining. You look out over a hilly landscape with large stones (megaliths) and you can make some great walks since there are several hiking trails. If you've been here once, you'll certainly come back again!
Mies van Westen

Overwhelming (August 2008)

We have enjoyed a special place beautifully situated in nature. The overwhelming tranquility, the beautiful sunsets, the vastness of the landscape that kept on looking different due to the changing light...we will not soon forget it... And especially when night fell and we could hear no other sound than the chirping of crickets under the stars. It was a blessing.  I have seen the hoopoe up close, and furthermore also the bee-eater, stork, an eagle, and beautiful butterflies. Thank you for this 'divine' place! We have enjoyed it.
Chris and Marco

Super (May 2008)

We spent 14 days in Casa Redonda. It was simply fantastic: the space, the freedom, and above all the hospitality of Dolf and Phine. We will never forget their hospitality and helpfulness just when we needed it.
Rijn & Trijntje

Nature, peace, and quiet (April 2008)

Redondo is incredible. Surrounded by nature, completely free. Waking up to the cuckoo and hoopoe and many other birds. Cows and sheep bells. In the evening the nightingale sings. On a clear day the night sky is beautiful. Sometimes you can hear the wind roar as if in a radio play. Otherwise silence, peace, and flowers everywhere. Redondo is luxurious camping. To be frank: we have really enjoyed it.
Suus and Anton

Nice weather every day

After more than 4 weeks in Casa Redonda our stay here is almost over. We have had a great time here. Nice weather every day, it couldn't be better. We could always eat outside and enjoy the magnificent views. We have made a number of walks and visited beautiful villages and towns. We could especially not get enough of Castelo de Vide. The olive picking was also a lot of fun. Dolf and Phine, thank you for the great time we had!
Mies and Paul

Active (April 2007)

We have been very active. We have made many beautiful walking trips, as recommended to us by Dolf and Pine. We have also explored the area by bike. We are glad that we came here in the spring. All these flowers make our honeymoon extra special. The weather was also great most of the time. Not once did we get wet! The cottage is simple but good. Every time you open the door you have a magnificent view!
Adine and Ton

What a... (November 2006)

A few days of Pomarinho.
What a rest...
What an expanse...
What a view...
What a sunset...
What a starry heaven...
What a pleasant walks...
what a cozy cottage...
What a pleasant meal together...
And we almost forget the great dogs!
Dolf and Phine, we found Pomarinho to be a great experience!
Ton and Bep Donker

Unwind (July 2006)

It was a special time in the 'yellow mushroom'. Relaxing , privacy, and unwinding. Surroundded by beautiful birds, insects, and nature, which made this really worth the trip!
Ronnie and Betty

Early spring (March 2006)

We fled a snow-covered Frankfurt, and were greeted by a bright sun and 16 degrees weather when we arrived! We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the small villages, and the ox carts. The blooming mimosas and brooms were wonderful, along with the hawthorn with fresh green leaves that taste so great. and the little violets that are now in bloom. The nature here has progressed a lot more than at home. They were certainly a wonderful two weeks.
Wil and Bernhard

Sunsets (June 2005)

The absolute highlight of this house: the views of the fantastic sunsets. Every day it's different. A lovely secluded house in which you really feel as if you are surrounded by nature. Dolf and Phine, thank you very much for your hospitality and the incredible flexibility with which you have received us!
Jaap and Selma Thijs

Cylcing and walking (May 2005)

We have had a wonderful week here in this lovingly built and decorated cottage. The sunsets, the wind, the beautiful view, and the full moon were all very nice. On the bikes we rented from Dolf and Phine we made some wonderful trips, and you can also experience a lot of the area by foot. Dolf and Phine focus on giving their guests a carefree holiday and are very hospitable and attentive while doing so. Many thanks for that. We wish everyone after us a wonderful holiday!
Berend and Jos

African hut (November 2004)

We have experienced that two days is too short. There are more than enough walking challenges here. Who knows, we might come back. The African hut is inspiring if you dream of designing a house of your own. Thanks for your hospitality and openness. Maybe one day we can invite you to Bennekom!
Cathrien and Jurriën

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