To Portugal with a walking club

<p>Quinta do Pomarinho is an estate with several holiday homes and a camping site in Portugal. A beautiful, natural environment at the base of the Serra de S&atilde;o Mamede natural park, on the border of Portugal with Spain. The quinta is situated on 62 acres of land with grazing grounds, hills, olive- and fruit trees, cork- and holm oaks, and small waters.</p>
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<h2>To Portugal with your walking club</h2>
<p>Aside from group walking holidays and self guided walking holidays for small parties, you can also go to Portugal with your walking club. Quinta do Pomarinho organizes walking holidays for your walking club or -party of 6 to 12 persons. You will discover the Alentejo with your walking club, using one of our holiday homes as your home base. Depending on the program, you will make magnificent, well outlined walking tours through the Serra de S&atilde;o Mamede natural park, through river areas, along authentic white fortified towns such as Castelo de Vide, over smuggling paths, through cork oak forests, along colonies of griffon vultures, over hills, or along menhirs and dolmens.</p>
<p>The <span style="text-decoration: underline;">flexible walking program</span> can be adjusted exactly to the wishes of your walking club. The walks in Portugal vary in length up to a maximum of 18 kilometers. At the quinta all necessary walking information is of course available to you. If desired, you can opt to walk with a guide. You decide in which period you will walk. The experience is that April, May, June, September, and October are on average the best months to walk, due to the pleasant walking weather.</p>
<h2>To Portugal with your walking club: a customized walking holiday</h2>
<p>Would you like to visit Portugal with your walking club? Pomarinho offers several packages: <br />&bull;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Walking holiday on the basis of self-catering<br />&bull;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Walking holiday on the basis of breakfast and packed lunch<br />&bull;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Walking holiday on the basis of full board<br />All packages include two nights that will be spent in typical Portuguese restaurants that serve Portuguese regional dishes.</p>
<h2>Our accommodation</h2>
<p>Several holiday homes are situated on the Quinta do Pomarinho estate: the Nature Friends Home, apartments, and a small holiday house. Walking clubs of 6-10 persons will stay in the pleasant Nature Friends Home during their walking holiday in Portugal. Walking clubs of more than 8-12 persons will be divided over several holiday homes that lie amidst nature. Every accommodation has its own charm, for example: the apartments formerly used to be farm stables.<br />Duration of a walking holiday with your walking club</p>
<p>Quinta do Pomarinho organizes walking holidays for walking clubs of 6, 8, 10, or 12 days. A walking holiday contains one or two rest days, which you can use to enjoy the peace and quiet on the estate, or to further discover the Alentejo. The surroundings allow for some great cycling and swimming, and also for many cultural explorations.<br />Should you, preceding or after your holiday, wish to extend your stay with us, than this is of course possible after consulting us.</p>
<h2>Rates walking holiday</h2>
<p>The price of a walking holiday with your walking club includes:<br />&bull;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;5, 7, 9, or 11 overnight stays<br />&bull;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Local transport service (collecting/bringing)<br />&bull;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Use of rental bicycles for 1 day<br />&bull;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Walking descriptions<br />&bull;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;2 dinners at typical Portuguese restaurants<br />&bull;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Other services depending on&nbsp; the type of package</p>
<p>See <a title="Rates walking holidays " href="/walking-package-holidays/rates/">rates walking holiday</a> for walking clubs for exact prices. You can find an indication below:</p>
<h2>Contact and reservations</h2>
<p>For more information about our <a title="Walking package holidays" href="/walking-package-holidays/">walking package holidays</a> or a walking holiday with your walking club, it is of course possible to <a title="Contact us " href="/contact/">contact</a> us without any obligations. You can also immediately <a title="Reserve a walking holiday with your walking club" href="/contact/reservations/">reserve</a> a walking holiday.</p>


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