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Below you will find several experiences of former camping guests of Quinta do Pomarinho.

Kamperen Portugal met caravan

How we enjoyed our stay (August 2011)

It’s already been a week or two since we set up camp for 6 nights on Quinta do Pomarinho. How we enjoyed those 6 nights on your beautiful camping! This is why would like to thank you again for the hospitality, the walking and activity directory, the atmosphere, and the great talks. We returned home yesterday after a wonderful vacation in which we toured Portugal, but not one location was as beautiful as yours. We would love to come back again and also visit the other quinta's. Seems like a lot of fun! Greetings from the, by now, sunny Schijndel.
John and Silvia Vogels.

What a great time we had (March 2011)

We stayed on Quinta do Pomarinho from late February to late March. We have really enjoyed our time here and were never bored. A big thanks to both Phine and Dolf, who always helped us with finding things we could do. We are definitely coming back!

An oasis of rest (August 2010)

Dolf and Phine and the staff are wonderful people. Hospitable, friendly, and helpful without interfering. We had a great holiday on your camping, which is located in a beautiful area. We will definitely be back. Thank you!
Arie and Corrie van der Meijden

A great place (June 2010)

A very friendly welcome. Great walks which were well marked. An amazing spot to camp. Close to the town of Castelo de Vide, yet still surrounded by nature. These five days were amazing!
Piet van Dam

Nice, friendly, and hospitable (February 2010)

Very warm welcome, friendly atmosphere, beautiful location in beautiful surroundings (with a lot of history). Suitable for many trips by car, by foot, or by train.
Rob van de Does

A very nice place to stay (December 2009)

Situated in a beautiful natural area. It is possible to make very beautiful and varied walks, which can be organized or self-planned.
Armand de Vijlder

Well maintained camping site (September 2009)

A surprising camping site in a surprising place amidst beautiful surroundings. Everything on the site is well maintained and the owners are very friendly and make every effort to make the guests feel like 'real' guests. There is a lot of information available and you can always ask something. It also makes us really glad to know that the camping site is environmentally conscious: the waste is separated and water is warmed by making use of solar power. A place to come back to!
Teuny and Peter Daalwijk

We had it all to ourselves (August 2009)

After four holidays in Portugal, Quinta do Pomarinho is certainly our favorite camping ground. The site is very nice and quiet. We camped under a large cork oak tree on a plot of land further away from the main building (although there were sanitary facilities) which we had all to ourselves. Our children also really enjoyed themselves. Castelo de Vide is a beautiful place with a great pool which is fairly new. You can also take a pleasant swim in the nearby lakes and rivers. Good service and good excursion tips were included in the package!
Fam. Eijgenraam

Everything was always great (August 2009)

Very quiet; spacious spots to set up our tent and also in the evening and at night it was very quiet. Adequate support if needed. A true oasis for nature lovers and ornithologists. The campsite is exceptionally spacious, with very adequate sanitation and other basic services. Management is very friendly. The place is ideal for family holidays, because the terrain is very safe, child friendly, and clearly laid out. The small pool especially provides the children with a place to cool off. Adults can also enjoy swimming at the well equipped swimming pool in Castelo de Vide.
Hedy Beumkes

A peaceful and welcoming camping site (August 2009)

It's a peaceful and welcoming camping site. There is a lot of information available about the beautiful villages in the area, the wildlife, museums, walking routes, the fine eateries, and so on. The sanitary facilities were good. My top 10 for this camping site: the beautiful sunsets and starry heavens, National park Serra de São Mamede, Castelo de Vide, Marvão, spotting griffon vultures, enjoying the food at café Oasis, peace, quiet, a lot of sun, and after a short drive; a visit to Monsaraz and Évora. I've had a great time. Dolf and Phine, thank you for that!

Quiet camping site in the Alentejo

Together with our three kids we spent a few days on this camping site in the beautiful Alentejo. We would highly recommend it to people looking for some peace and quiet! Excellent reception by Dolf and Phine who also got us a folder with information about beautiful walks in the area. For us, it was one of the best campsites in Portugal! The only minor drawback is that there is little shade, but nature is working on it and the small trees are slowly growing. We found it fantastic and we will certainly be coming back.
Fam. de Schryver

Great location (June 2009)

The surroundings area is beautiful and almost completely absorbs the camping site. Great area for walking, which we were unfortunately not really able to enjoy due to the heavy rainfall in mid-June. We certainly want to give it another shot in the future! Despite the bad weather, we found this place to be one of our best memories of a ten-week tour! The site had little shade (which we were not hindered by due to the cool wet weather), but I can imagine it to be troublesome in the normal weather conditions.
Fam. Venema

A real farm-like camping site (November 2008)

We spent a week enjoying the beautiful scenery and especially the space and quiet on your camping where we spotted a lot of birds, including the kingfisher. That a calf was also born while we were here proves that you are really a farm-like camping site in an area where the city lights do not obstruct the view and the stars still twinkle in the night's sky. Your involvement and attention sets an example for a lot of camping managers. Keep it up!
Fam. Weijers

A pearl (May 2008)

In a hectic world, some peace and quiet is a must. Even for retirees such a moment is incredibly precious. How we enjoyed this special place on earth. It's a rarity. Thank you for everything, for the walks to the village and the tips about going to watch the vultures.
Fam. Van de Vin

A fine camping site (April 2008)

A fine camping site with good facilities. Despite the rain in the first week we had a great time. A nice walk to Castelo de Vide and a place to relax on a bench by the pond while enjoying a concert in stereo performed by two nightingales, accompanied by a frog chorus. Dolf and Phine, many thanks, and we wish you many more guests!
Fam. Vrolijk

We had a great time (April 2008)

We spent 10 days on the camping site, which is normally quite long for us. The weather was bad on some of those days but we still had a good time. The camping is beautiful and so is the nature. Walks, turtles, the pond, special villages. We really had a great time here!
Wil and Elly Geurts

Time for ourselves (March 2008)

Last year a walking week on Pomarinho, this year some time for ourselves. We still enjoy the walk to Castelo de Vide and we have made many walks in the natural park. The routes are well-marked by yellow or red so that you can take very relaxed walks. The silence during the walks is only interrupted by the singing of birds, and also the crickets love to pitch in. When getting back to the quinta a nice shower, great food, and sitting around the crackling fire make everything complete. Our compliments for the way in which the great facilities, hot water, and electricity have been realized. Good luck with your plans and may you have many more guests!
Bep and Han

Goosebumps (September 2007)

After the bustle of Lisbon we set up our tent in the small apple orchard. A great and hospitable camping site in the beautiful Alentejo. We spent a very inspired and relaxed two weeks here. We walked a lot (Galegos is highly recommended), enjoyed the quiet, and had some delicious meals. And so on! So, in short: Pomarinho is a place so great that will give you goosebumps!
Peter de Vries

A satisfied little guest (August 2007)

This is Pomarinho, a very nice camping site. With a swimming pool. And a bread delivery man. And a lake in which you can swim in July. And kittens. And it's very hot. And there are dogs that do not bite. And there is a lot of grass and rocks. And many high mountains. And many birds. Pomarinho is the best place to camp. Thanks for reading.
Lester (9 years)

A wonderful holiday (May 2007)

Thanks a lot for the wonderful holiday that I've spent with you guys. Beautiful surroundings, great walks, delicious food, not to mention the amazing atmosphere. To be brief: I have really enjoyed my stay and I will certainly be back!

Going out for a walk every day (November 2006)

We had no idea what to expect except for the information that we got from the magazine 'Op Pad'. We really liked the pleasant atmosphere and we have made a nice walk every day. Unfortunately we did not see the sun out a lot but we're still quite happy regarding the weather. The food and wine were delicious. Thanks for everything!
John and Alie

Birds, birds, and more birds (July 2006)

We spent a few nights below a cork oak on your camping site. We got to enjoy all the animals on the quinta. Especially birds caught our attention, and luckily there were plenty! We woke up early every morning to go bird watching, but we also saw enough of them during the day and in the evening. In total we have spotted more than 56 different bird species! We have really enjoyed our time here!
Vlot Family

Lovely camping (April 2005)

We have enjoyed the beautiful views and the many walks we made. What a wonderful place to camp!
Fam. Steijn.

Between the olive trees (October 2004)

After just two nights in between the growing olive trees with our camper we were convinced: Alentejo Norte is a beautiful area! Thanks for the hospitality and the warm reception.
Isis and Dries

A second time (July 2004)

We're back on the hospitable estate for the second time. Once again we have enjoyed the nature and the sun. Just like the first time we planned to stay 3 to 4 days, but again it has turned into 8. Tonny just can't resist doing some handyman's work here, hence the longer stay. Dolf and Phine, good luck with the plans for the coming year. Thank you!
Tonny and Nelly

A beautiful place (July 2003)

Thank you for the warm welcome. It is beautiful here! A place that we will definitely recommend to others.
Greetings, Marloes & Ingeborg

What more could you want (July 2003)

An evening surrounded by the chirping of crickets and the croaking of frogs. Listening to the quiet accompanied by a candle and a bottle of wine. What more could you want. A beautiful area to discover and to walk/drive around in. A day of doing "nothing" is great here on the quinta. Thanks for all the hospitality and the tips. Good luck to you and your plans.
Machteld and Hanneke

First caravan (May 2003)

After some searching we found the quinta. How nice that we were the first ones ever on the caravan site. And it went well! A wonderful place to relax, as mentioned on your website. And that's what we did! Wonderful, no distractions but the singing of birds. We will definitely be back and wish you a lot of luck with achieving your dream.
Hans and Alice

One with nature (September 2002)

Quinto do Pomarinho, a place where you are one with nature. A very pleasant experience. Camping here is like it should be, basic and amidst nature. Every night I heard some sniffing at the tent, I have no idea what kind of animal it was. You really feel like a guest and that is something very special. Dolf and Phine, building a new life here was a great decision!
Joos and Martine

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