Marvão, Portugal

The medieval town Marvão, 12 kilometres away from Quinta do Pomarinho, is called the eagle's nest. It is spectacularly located 856 metres above sea level on a granite wall on one of the peaks of the Serra de São Mamede. Marvão is completely walled and is located in Alto Aletenjo Portugal close to the Spanish border, which was guarded by this village in the past. The impressive ramparts of Marvão are made of granite and fit so perfectly into the landscape that they blend with the rocky ridge. Marvão is full of brilliant white houses and is an ideal place to enjoy an extraordinary view of the plains and the mountains.

Marvão, Portugal

Places of Interest Marvão

Marvão is a sleepy town through which you can wander at your leisure. At the highest point of Marvão is an imposing medieval fortress with high walls and many city gates. The citadel rises another 100 metres above the village, and although it's age is unknown, we know for sure  that the Ethiopians have helped build it. At the fool of Marvão is a special monastery from the 15th century that you can visit: 'Convento de Nossa Senhora da Estrele'.

Surroundings Marvão

In the vicinity of Marvão you will find 'antas' (dolmen(), which date back between 4,000 and 2,000 B.C. Antas consist of several upright stones with a horizontal cap stone where in the past bodies were buried together with tools, art objects, and weapons. There is a 30 kilometres long car route along the antas and megaliths in this region. To the south of Marvão lies the Roman excavation site Ammaia, where you will also find a museum.

The surroundings of Marvão are perfect for walking. From Marvão you can make a nice walk through the hills of Urra to Castelo de Vide and our quinta Portugal. For this walk we will bring you to the starting point of the town and from there you can walk back to us.

Events Marvão

Like so many other places in Portugal, Marvão also has sacred festivals.  A famous festival in Marvão is one in honour of Romaria de Nossa Senhora de Estrele that takes place early September with processions, fireworks and folk dancing. In November there are chestnut festivals, called the "Feiras da Castanha".

Restaurants Marvão

Marvão has several restaurants where you can eat simple but delicious dishes or enjoy sitting outside on the terrace with lovely views. The restaurant of the simple pousada in Marvào also offers a beautiful view.

Spending the night at Pomarinho

Quinta do Pomarinho is just 12 kilometres away from Marvão. We have a small-scale camping Portugal and several holiday homes on a large terrain of 62 acres where you will find rest, space, and nature.

You can stay in a room in our Friends of Nature House based on Bed and Breakfast Portugal, or rent a whole floor or the whole house with your family or group. You can also stay in an unique detached holiday cottage Portugal or in a comfortable apartment Portugal that we have built in the old stables of the farm. You can stay based on self-catering or including partial (breakfast) or full care.

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Do you have any questions about Marvão, the renting of one of the holiday homes Portugal, or a stay on our camping Portugal? Please feel free to contact us!

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