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EvoraEvora is located 100 kilometres from Quinta do Pomarinho and is the former capital of Alto Aletenjo Portugal. Evora is located in the south-east of Portugal and is a typical village in Alentejo. It is one of the loveliest and most stylish cities of Portugal. In Evora you will find picturesque, white houses and buildings with various decorations, surrounded by an almost completely intact fortress wall. Especially at night it looks almost enchanting with the subtle lighting. Evora is located on a small hill on the vast plateau of the Alto Alentejo.

Evora on the World Heritage list of Unesco

The historical centre of the city of Evora is listed on the world heritage list of the Unesco. Some of the places of interest in Evora include a Roman aqueduct, the Roman Diana-temple, and the early Gothic cathedral, which was built from 1186 to 1204, with a monastery from the 14th century.

The many palaces from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance are witnesses from a rich past. Evora was a thriving city in the Roman times, but started to decline under the rule of the Visigoths. Evora is now a major agricultural centre and home to a number of industries and agriculture-related crafts (cork, leather, woo, rugs, and painted furniture).

The tourists and students in Evora also add to the activity. Evora is a lively old university town. The 15th century university was reopened in 1979 and with 8,000 students, it is a centre of education once more.

Places of Interest Evora

Every has an unique appeal with its narrow, winding streets, its patios, its roof terraces, and its many gates. The town seems mainly Moorish but has known all kinds of influences. Within the fortress walls of Evora there are numerous churches, monasteries, and other places of interest from different eras.

In Evora you will find the 'aqueduct of the silver water', a Roman aqueduct with an impressive construction of which 9 kilometres have been preserved. The Diana-temple is a Roman temple that was built around the 2nd century. The construction of the cathedral in Evora took 50 years and you will find beautifully carved apostles and a treasure trove with religious art and a Renaissance portal there. The 'Capela dos Ossos' in the 15th century church São Francisco is both very special and a bit scary due to the skulls and bones of 5000 monks that have been incorporated in it.

The Museum of Evora is located in a 16th century palace with Roman columns. Praçe do Giraldo is the centre of the town with small shops under a large gallery. On the elongated square, where executions were once carried out, there is a marble fountain from the Renaissance with benches from 1571.

Events Evora

In Evora there are many sacred celebrations, just like in many parts of Portugal. The biggest event of Evora is the Feira de São Jãoa (late June) which lasts a week. Another great festival to visit is the pottery festival in Evora. On the 'Feira dos Pucarinhos', that takes place in February, many potters from all over Portugal gather in Evora. At the same time people also celebrate the Festa de Nossa Senhora das Candeias in Evora.

Outside the walls of Evora there is a weekly market every Tuesday with fresh vegetables, fruits, and crafting products including cork and wood.


A culinary specialty in Evora is porco à Alentejana, pork with clams. You'll find this dish in many restaurants in Evora. The choice of restaurants is great and other tasty dishes that you can try include javali estufado (boar) and pombo estufado (pigeon). There is also a good vegetarian restaurant in evora, Jardim de Chá. There is an organic market here every Saturday morning.

If you wander through Evora you will automatically find many different places where you can have lunch or dinner or just enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Evora from Pomarinho

Quinta do Pomarinho is located 100 kilometres from Evora so a trip to this beautiful city is very feasible as a day trip. After enjoying a day of culture in the charming city of Evora, you will drive back to our quinta through the typical hills filled with cork oaks and olive groves where you will stay on our small-scale camping Portugal or in one of the various holiday homes.

In our simple and affordable Friends of Nature House you can stay based on Bed and Breakfast Portugal. You can also rent an entire floor or the whole house with your family or a group. Furthermore, there is also an unique detached holiday cottage Portugal on the vast terrain of 62 acres and a comfortable apartment Portugal, built in the old farm stables.  You can choose whether you want to stay based on self-catering, including partial (breakfast) or complete care.

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