Activities Alentejo

On Quinta do Pomarinho and its surrounding area you can do many different activities Alentejo Portugal. With so much culture and nature in the immediate vicinity you can enjoy a very diverse holiday with both cultural, sportive, and recreational activities as well as visits to local festivals and markets.

On our quinta we have a lot of information available about all kinds of activities Alentejo. And, if you want to take a trip by car, you can borrow the lovely book 'trips to North of Alentejo'. Furthermore, during his or her stay each guest can possess over the handy little book '30 days in North Alentejo', which includes a lot of touristic tips.

Sports activities Alentejo

Walking. In the adjacent natural park and the nearby river area, you can make very diverse walks. There are over 25 plotted hiking trails in the area.

Biking. Especially in the Spring and Autumn, when the nature is green and in full bloom, you can make splendid biking  trips over gently rolling hills with fields, through white villages, and past castles.

Climbing. In the rocky mountains of the Serra de São Mamede there are certain places where you can go rock-climbing.

Tennis and horseback riding. You can enjoy these activities Alentejo in the vicinity of Quinta do Pomarinho.

Canoeing. You can canoe on both the river the Tagus and the Sever.

Fishing. In the Baragem Povoa, a reservoir lake nearby (15 km), you can enjoy some good fishing.

Swimming. On the grounds of the quinta there is a small swimming pool and a stream that flows into a lake. You can also swim in the reservoir lakes of Baragem de Povoa (15km) and Apartardura (15). The river Sever has two swimming spots and there are also 5 other swimming pools near the quinta.

Bird watching. On the large ground of the quinta more than 60 species birds Portugal are spotted each year. It is a true bird palace.

Cultural activities Alentejo

Portuguese lessons. On the quinta you can take Portuguese lessons from a Portuguese teacher who has lived and taught in the Netherlands for many years.

Cultural excursions. In the immediate vicinity of the quinta you will find a lot of cultural heritage and interesting places, cities, and monuments.

Antars, menhirs, and dolmen. Around Montemor-o-Novo, Monsaraz, Évora, and Castelo de Vide there are numerous prehistoric monuments such as antars, menhirs, and dolmen. These date from around 5000 B.C. The largest menhir of the Southern Iberian Peninsula is 7.5 metres high.

Museums and archaeology. In many towns you will find interesting museums, for example in Amaia (15 km) and in Castelo de Vide. In Amaia you will also find Roman ruins. On 12km distance from the Quinta do Pomarinho there is also a Roman toll bridge. Near Montforte you can visit the 'Villa Romana de Torre de Palma'.

Other activities Alentejo

Festivities. In the Alentejo there are, just like in the rest of Portugal, a lot of Christian festivals in honour of a certain saint, chapel, or church. There are also many saints to worship, thanks to which there are many festivities!

  • 15 January: Santo Amaro
  • Easter: Grandly celebrated with masses, processions, and sheep bells
  • First weekend of August: Senhora de Penha, who watches over a small chapel
  • 15 August: Senhora de Graça
  • 21 August: Senhora do Carmo
  • 8 September: Senhora dos Prazeres
  • First weekend of September: Santa Margarido de Setembro
  • 7 December: Senhora de Conceiçao

Other fun activities Alentejo include attending a Medieval festival in Castelo de Vide (first week of September) and the Arab party in Marvão (October). In November, there is also a chestnut party in Marvão.

Markets. In Castelo de Vide there is a small market every Friday morning. And on the last Saturday of month there is a large outdoor market. Special is the weekly gypsy market on Saturday in Estremoz (60km). On Monday morning there is a market in Valencia a Alcantara (Spain, 25 km).

More information about activities in Alentejo

Please feel free to contact us for additional information about one of the above activities Alentejo. We are glad to give you more details.

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